Black Oxide Coated 1" Cinch Buckles

These mini Line-LokĀ® cleats use an advanced tooth technology to secure small lines from 1 to 3 millimeters (1/32"-1/8") in diameter. Use them with 1.7 millimeter 'Lash It' or 'Zing It' to create fully adjustable ultralight tarp guylines. They are quickly and easily adjusted, even while wearing gloves, and have been tested in subarctic conditions. Even in these extreme conditions, they will not allow line slippage. Sold per piece.

Black-oxide coated, stamped steel cinch-buckles with a continuous loop of 7/64" AmSteelĀ®-Blue spliced around the buckle. Average total length is 10.5" from the end of the loop to the end of the cinch buckle. For use with 1" polyester webbing to make a super-strong, super-adjustable hammock suspension system that will not slip and is easy to use, even in freezing winter conditions that would render most other suspension systems completely useless.  Sold per pair.  
Black Carabiner
SR NLD Carabiner
LineLoc3's are a light and versatile addition to any tarp pull-outs or no-see-um mesh suspension making adjustments super easy. Designed for use with 2.5 to 3mm cord. Use 1/2" webbing or tie a prussic knot on the other end and use these for easy tarp guyline adjustments. Sold Individually.
The SR NLD Carabiner is an oversized, climbing-rated, D-shaped carabiner that can be used to quickly, safely, and securely attach any web-based suspension system to a supporting tree or other solid anchor. Simply attach the carabiner to the loop on one end of the webbing, wrap around the tree a few times, then clip the carabiner around the part of the webbing that is attached to the hammock or cinch buckle. This makes hanging a hammock quick and easy. The "key lock" design prevents the nose and sleeve from snagging. Available in black only. Sold individually.
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These premium HighlandWare bumper stickers are made from heavy duty, matte finished vinyl, and are designed to withstand exposure to UV radiation.
These bumper stickers should last up to 5 years when exposed to the harshest whims of the outdoors.
Each sticker measures approximately 4" wide by 3" tall and will look great on any vehicle.
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Tree Wraps are a crucial component for any camping hammock suspension system which prevents bark damage through girdling by spreading the weight over a greater surface area. There are two weight options; the lightweight webbing has a 1,200 pound tensile strength, while the heavy weight webbing has a tensile strength rating of 3,950 pounds and is noticeably heavier. 

Specify whether 2" loops are required on one or both ends.  Sold by the foot. Available in black only.

Note: If several straps are needed just order the total length needed and indicate how long each individual strap needs to be. For example, if you wanted two straps that were ten feet long each you would order a total of 20 feet of webbing and indicate in your order notes during checkout that you would like two straps, ten feet long each. 


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